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Panel 1
Morgan and Brad are sitting in their seats in the theatre, and ACTUALLY watching the movie now, the two of them are thinking to themselves about the movie, Morgan looks bored while Brad looks intense at it
Brad: c'mon Luth! You can do it bro!
Morgan: he'll never disarm that bomb

Panel 2
Morgan and Brad (as well as other people) are walking out of the movie, the overall impression is that the movie was enjoyable
Morgan: that movie was awesome! I thought Nick exploding was a bit over the top though
Brad: no way! He went out in a blaze of glory
Morgan: I guess

Panel 3
Brad and Morgan are now walking out the front doors to the building, Morgan looks relieved
Brad: you want to go to a bar?
Morgan: like you wouldn't believe

Panel 4
Morgan's being stopped by a bouncer (because I never actually decided what he looks like, I'm just gonna say he looks like the bouncer from The Urbz: Sims in the City video game) at the front door of a cozy looking bar
after our 'couple' found a a bar North side, Brad used a fake I.D to get in, this leaves Morgan...
Bouncer: hold up missy, I.D?
Morgan: ID? I've been going to bars like this for YEARS!!

Panel 5
The Bouncer looks annoyed (for lack of better descriptive word) while Morgan irritably reaches into her pocket
Bouncer: BS! you barely look 15, let alone 19, you're NOT getting in
Morgan: fine, you want ID?

Panel 6
Morgan is shoving a card near the face of this bouncer, Morgan looks frustrated to say the least, the Bouncer merely looks in disbelief at what's going on
Morgan: HERE!!
Bouncer: holy sh*t, you're 38?
Morgan: YES!

Panel 7
The Bouncer is now allowing Morgan into the bar, she's walking in triumphantly as she puts her I.D back in her pocket
Bouncer: good, now have a nice night Morgan
Morgan: I will, thank you
I don't understand why, but I get the feeling I should do some more work on this one, it just doesn't feel quite right to me

I laugh every time I picture Morgans face in panel 4, and also at the conversation in general

just for the record, Morgan is well aware that she isn't biologically old enough to enter (she's 17) and her boss got her I.D that says she's 17, but she just likes the look people give her when they find out what year she was born in

also, some of you might have noticed the Bouncer (whose name I still need to think of) called Morgan by her name in the last panel, this was no consistency error on my part, although she never officially said her name, her name is on her I.D, which he read when it was shoved in his face, he's observant like that

I know I already said this, but I love the feel I get from writing Morgans night out, she is a full grown woman after all, this kind of scene is familiar to her, she has experience under her belt that I haven't gone into depth about before, and it'll only get more awesome as the night progresses

anyway, sorry the update is late today, but hey, at least there IS an update today, in that respect I've accomplished my goal

finally, if you read my latest journal, then you heard about my writers block, well, turns out it was more of a wall then a block, and now I'm stuck between two equal options (btw, Writers wall is similar to writers block, but it's actually the act of having too MANY ideas that you like alot, and you can't figure out which one will work the best) rather Eddy is in the kitchen, or the living, cast your vote in a comment of your own choosing, SEE YOU ON SUNDAY!

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